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Protecting your home : A definite priority

Whether you own a house, condo or chalet, your home is an investment and a source of pride. To preserve this asset you will need to find the home insurance that perfectly suits your situation and your lifestyle. Whether you are the owner or a tenant, Assurances Godin gives you access to different options to meet all your needs.

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Advice tips

Make a list of your belongings

To be properly insured, it is essential to know the value of your belongings. Even if your home is not filled with prize collections, it is quite possible that the value of your property exceeds what you imagine.

That’s why we recommend that our clients fill out this file, which consists of a simple spreadsheet that allows you to list and estimate the entire value of the your belongings, item by item. As a precaution, we also suggest that you take a video of the contents of your home and make a copy of the video that will be stored in a safe place.

Consider placing your valuables in a safe deposit box at the bank, since in case of disappearance, you will only receive the monetary value of these objects.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, more than 20% of stolen property recovered by the police is never returned to its owners, because they simply don’t know who it belongs to. So it is a good idea to engrave your name or an identification number on your valuable objects.


When moving

If you move, don’t forget to notify us in advance to make sure that your insurance coverage matches your new needs.

If furniture or effects must be stored, your insurer must also be notified.

Also check with your broker regarding what insurance coverage you need if you lease a van, a trailer or a bigger truck.

Useful in the event of relocation : inform the SAAQ of your change of address.

Utile en cas de déménagement : effectuez votre changement d’adresse auprès de la SAAQ.


10% discount on your home insurance premium

Reserved for persons 50 years and over, the LibrEspace FADOQ program gives you enhanced protection for your home and auto insurance.

For more flexibility, Intact Insurance will compensate you with cost-replacement value even if you choose to not rebuild your residence! Up to $300 reduction in your deductible. Free home-assistance service following hospitalization of more than 48 consecutive hours (domestic help, nursing).


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