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Auto insurance tailored to your needs

Regardless of the type of vehicle you need to insure, our team of brokers are able to offer you the best protection at a competitive price. That’s a promise from Les Assurances Godin !

Whether you drive a passenger vehicle, a business class vehicle or own a fleet of vehicles, we have a wide range of products to meet exactly what you need.

We also deal with specialized insurers for cases with a high frequency of disasters, individuals who have already suffered a loss of permit or a cancellation of coverage for non-payment. If you are in a similar situation, please contact us to inquire about the possibilities.


Combine your protections and save!

Up to 15% off the home insurance and up to $150 off the deductible.

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Advice Tips

Validity of driver’s license

When you lend your vehicle, you must always check the validity of the driver’s license of the driver concerned. This will prevent the seizure of your vehicle in the event of a problem!

To check if a driver’s license is valid, consult this section of the SAAQ website.

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You’re buying a vehicle new or used?

Find out more about our replacement insurance for your vehicles. Thanks to replacement insurance, in the case of total loss or theft, your vehicle will be replaced by a new vehicle having the same value,

wherever you choose to buy it! This insurance is also available for used vehicles: it insures the value of the vehicle at the time when the Cime contract was purchased.

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10% discount on your home insurance premium

Reserved for persons 50 years and over, the LibrEspace FADOQ program gives you enhanced protection for your home and auto insurance.

For more flexibility, Intact Insurance will compensate you with cost-replacement value even if you choose to not rebuild your residence! Up to $300 reduction in your deductible. Free home-assistance service following hospitalization of more than 48 consecutive hours (domestic help, nursing).


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